Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I have much activities to do every weekend on this month (May'2009)

On last week (1st week on May 01 02 03/05/2009) I had done 1 health activity with my whole family. We go for holiday at Port Dickson & we stay at Rumah Lipor Markas Staf Stesyen PD. Pulamor Tanjung Tuan. The program done very well.(will load photo comming soon)

This week on Saturday 09/05/2009 got many wedding to attend - Along (Telok), Ida (Sg.Udang) & Ayang (her brother in law) & on Sunday 10/05/2009 we will go to Perak (Kg.Gajah) for Drag For Fun event.

Next week 17/05/2009 that day we will travel up to Penang by racing car! wow wee.. jaoh nye! There also got Drag event! MUCS is the Organizer!

Next 2 week 23/05/2009 bring to 24/05/2009 Sepang Drag event pulok!Haih baju pon da abis d pakai. i need to buy new cloths ofcourse! But when? haha..cos i dont have any time for go shopping!

Next 3 week 31/05/2009 road tour drag event not finish yet! now we go to Kuantan! yeah! sambil cuti-cuti Malaysia.

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