Friday, November 25, 2011


hi everyone or beloved bloggers.
let's share your wish list on next year 2012. everyone of us surely got something to change in our daily life on 2011. as me? i almost from A-Z need to change because many bad things happened in my life within this year. quite struggle to protect my family to become cool as now. Alhamdulillah, hope it wouldn't happen again next year. 

let's start it. i've got 10 things as below :-

1 - be a good muslimah - just started and need sometime & support. of course not too fast or drastic.
2 - worship at Mecca as Umrah (ameen if God willing me to go)
3 - be a good wife to my husband.   
4 - blessed from Allah s.w.t to get a good health, wealth of money, happiness & love.
5 - IVF to get descent or offspring.
6 - to be a forgiving or forgiveness person to get a freedom & serenity.
7 - need to change mindset to be a positive person instead of keep think husband lied & unfaithful. & get people always wrong.
8 - be a good mother to my children. (ameen if God willing)
9 - to be nice, polite person, good listener, good friend indeed to the others.
10 - and last but not least I need to go or fulfill the place i dream of for my sweet vacation. 
  • entire Malaysia : Sipadan Island, Mabul Island, Perhentian Island, Legend resort Port Dickson or Golden Palm Tree resort Sepang.
  • over the sea? wait i'll do the list 20 place should go before we die.

okay we finished up to here only. will be share hot story if i got an interesting idea.

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